Wigan Parish Church situated in the centre of Wigan dating back to 1100


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We are the mother church of some 30 parishes in the Deanery of Wigan and are situated in the centre of the town at the junctions of Hallgate, Wallgate, Bishopgate and Standishgate along the A49.






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August 4th
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The Conservation and Heritage Project


‘It’s Completion’

The Rededication of the Walmesley Chapel

As you can see from the pictures below all went well on the two days of celebration at the end of the Heritage and Conservation Project. We were very pleased to welcome Lord Newport the son of the present Earl of Bradford and Gareth Williams the curator of Weston Park the home of the Bridgeman family in Shropshire. Lord Newport is a direct descendant to Canon GTO Bridgeman who was the Rector who brought the Altar panels to Wigan. We were also pleased to see Christopher and Trudy Forrest Canon Malcom Forrest’s brother

Ruth Bubb and Hugh Harrison the conservators

Lord Newport and the Bishop of Warrington

Christopher and Trudy Forrest

More details about the heritage projects are on the Current News page

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One on August the 4th 1914. The Parish Church and Wigan Borough decided to hold a candle lit Vigil 100 years later, August 4th 2014 at 9.45pm till 11pm.

The Vigil began in a full church with music, recollections, poems, newsreels and readings all in candlelight. At 10.45pm we all went outside to gather round a floodlit cenotaph, dropping poppies projected onto the south side of the church and the sound of half muffled bells ringing around the town. As the bells stopped at 11pm all the candles were blown out with the Mayor extinguishing the last one as the clock stuck 11.

The pictures below show some of the evening.